BLOCK is blank slate game – a gaming system that has been intentionally designed to be reinterpreted, remixed and reinvented by its players. While I've provided a couple set of rules, my hope is that is just the beginning and you will be inspired to make your own rules and share them with me and the rest of the CoCreate Games community. Plus, BLOCK doubles as a delightful set of brightly-colored blocks that are great for building things.




How to Build BLOCK

Download a complete guide on how to build your very own copy of BLOCK.


Rules: Team Bridge

Team Bridge is a collaborative game where players work together to build a single connected block structure.



My hope is to build a strong, thriving community that supports, promotes and grows the games I publish as part of CoCreate Games. Have a question? Have a new set of rules you would like to share? Looking for collaborators? Get at me using the form below. 

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